Sunday, December 06, 2015

Kitchen remodel ensues...

I had to tear up the rotten flooring down to the joists.

I put in new sub-floor. The eventual final finish will be cork. 

This sub-floor was salvageable it just smells like La Brea tar pits. I scraped off the old tiles and tar to a level surface. 

I am starting to put sheet rock back on the ceiling. I insulated the exposed attic space and wired cans for the proposed lighting over the dining table and cutting board island. 

These three light cans will center on the table. See my crazy foam board and foam spray combination insulating?

This the wall behind the refrigerator, wall-oven, and pantry shelves

I'll plaster this back nice when I finish out the rest of the room. 

We got a Christmas tree the other day.

And, Georgi is a monkey girl.

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