Saturday, January 02, 2016

The big push toward halfway or the play kitchen gets moved.

Sheet rock and behind the walls electrical is done.

I trimmed out the new windows and door.

I put in the new subfloor and leveled it.

We painted it green.

I filled the transition gap between the house and the addition (probably added on in the 20's)

I left the gas from the old stove location sticking up and plumbed temporary water for our play kitchens new location.

We started laying the new awesome cork flooring. This is the first time I have ever laid click together floating flooring. Tabitha and I got pretty good at it.

It is so great.

We are putting Led in lighting, dimmer and three-way switches. These switches are designed to be wired one-way or three-way.

With so many devices that require USB charging we have installed several of these dual purpose outlets.

Really I know what I am doing.

This is the Play Kitchen initial move. 

This is Merrick, our new Wedgewood stove. He is still getting set up here. 

These are the lights that are intended to be over our kitchen table. They are zip tied up for now while the play kitchen is in the dining area. 

Here Kassiopeia and I are trying to put together the IKEA pantry. Ultimately Tabitha and I put it together. The recursive nesting paper instructions got to be a little much.

I got the first coffee/item cooked on Merrick. There is nothing like the precise flame that comes from a Wedgewood stove. 

The new cabinets sans handles.

This iteration of the play kitchen is a vast improvement. Soon the plastic curtain will fall and phase two can begin.

Kassiopea made pancakes on Merrick. They were the best ever.

Let phase two begin....

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