Saturday, January 02, 2016

Sprouted greens and chickens.

We have some pretty awesome chickens. Their eggs are unbelievable. They are on complete confinement. We experimented with letting them free-range in our yard. The chickens ate our food that we wanted to eat. So we have them permanently in their coop. They have a deep bedding of woodchip--roughly 18" deep. To supplement their diet of organic pellets Tabitha scored a bi-weekly pick up of slightly out of date sprouted greens.

They get to eat about a bushel of these types of green daily. 

Our birds lay mostly green eggs. Some shades lean toward blue but mostly they are green shelled. We have twelve hens and get either 9 or 10 eggs per day. I have a timer set to wake them up at 4am. These shorter days would put a huge dent in our production otherwise. 

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