Sunday, June 05, 2016

The kitchen is dreamy

With both Tristan and Tabitha are sick with some sort of evil flu I have taken over all the kitchen duties for the past few days. They went alone together this past week to sign Tristan up for college courses this coming fall. I assume they were exposed while there on campus/bart. No one else is showing any signs of weakness YET... (update: Rome now sick)

Perhaps it is partially the newness and the contrast of our old "interim play kitchen" but, I love our new kitchen. I installed speaker outlets above the cabinets and bought one of those little $14 bluetooth adapters that make my phone (pandora) play on my old harman kardon stereo. Listening to soft rich music while cleaning and doing dishes is the best.

The Farmhouse sink is awesome. We have been confined to a single basin sink for several years. It made doing a dishes difficult and wasteful of water. I also installed an industrial style flexible faucet. Rinsing food from dishes is quick and efficient. Now, the dual basin farmhouse sink and new faucet are magisterial.

Here is the sink during installation.
 The Ikea under cabinet lighting is awesome. The tile work and plumbing is yet to be started in these photos.
 Panorama in the darkly lit kitchen.
 Having never installed cabinets before, this was a stressful process. Mistakes can be costly and we cannot afford ANY.
Natural lighting plus under cabinet lights were proving to be beautiful in this photo.

Last night I just enjoyed the pleasantness of the kitchen and the efficient way things presented. Like many times in life, when things take a while to accomplish, you are forced to daily access how this or that might work. I find this especially true when money is the main obstacle. Getting deals on materials and getting the exact right thing is more likely to happen.

So we were lucky that things seem perfect. So much consideration went into this kitchen. When we spend so much money in one place we are extremely conscientious.

More photos and updates coming, the culmination will be the glorious kitchen that we are now enjoying.

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