Thursday, March 24, 2005

a big weight lifted

well, unexpected, a huge weight is off of my shoulders.

karl has found employ. and reasonable, ideal employ- we won't have to worry about work for 6 months or so after the move. it is really wonderful how things fall into place. whatever you believe- God, Goddess, Fate or Chaos: life certainly is magickal at times.

since moving companies seem to want all of our money, this soothes my soul. i was pretty sure the move was going to cost us literally every penny we have. at least, now, i can know we will have some income.

we are getting rid of anything we don't want to pay to move. (we will be paying either by the pound or the cubit foot). freecycle, goodwill, friends. even some things we wish we could move will have to stay ( like ceramic pots for plants).

today i am wandering around the city with my father and stepmama. if we come across chinatown, i am buying several pairs of cloth and rubber slippers, which i wear religiously. in chinatown, they are less than $5 a pair. if i buy 3 or 4 pair today they will last me a long time.

we need to make a real list of things we must buy ahead before we leave.
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