Monday, March 14, 2005

Wedgewood stove

karl’s post follows

we saw a wedgewood stove that has a dual source of heat. two burner areas from a mini wood stove & four burners from gas. it has two ovens i didn't check to see if wood could heat one of them? we really like it & hope to get it. wedgewood is the standard by which all other stoves are compared. this one is “Hubert” aptly named by some coy employee at our local salvage.

the only real problem is where to put it. our plan is to get a storage space so we can start collecting stuff for the new house. i guess now is the time to start collecting.

roofing season is going to start soon & usually brings a bounty of used hotwater solar collectors having the storage space will come in handy. I’m going to start collecting used copper pipe too.

other large things we will need
    chest style deep freezer
    large enameled cast iron bathtub (hopefully claw foot style)
    a table saw

(I’d love a shopsmith) it has a lathe, table saw, drill press & all kinds of attachments are available. My dad had one when I was a young I loved that thing I made ridiculous amounts of stuff with it. it was kinda clunky setting up & tearing down to do all the different things. We don’t NEED one to build the house but it sure would be handy. But we’ll NEED a table saw none the less.
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