Friday, March 18, 2005

killer tofu

1 box of FIRM organic tofu for 2 people (trader joes has a great one)

drain liquid from tofu lay it flat on a cutting board cut it in half. then cut the next pieces in half and cut the pieces in half again. you should end up with 8 - 1/4 inch thin slices of tofu. shuffle the tofu like a deck of cards creating uneven gaps for the marinade to get in. put the tofu back in the box and fill the box with soy sauce (or your favorite substitute). let that marinate for 30 min to 3 hours.

ali baazar hummus mix
whole grain pastry flour
grapeseed oil (absolutely no substitutions here)
1 large cast iron skillet

mix 1/4 cup hummus with 1/4 cup flour on a plate
bread the tofu by rolling the marinated tofu into the mix
pre-heat the cast iron skillet cover the bottom of the pan with 1/8 inch of oil

cook the tofu on med/high until very brown (just shy of burned)
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