Saturday, August 27, 2005

fallen tree

the tree fell on our house and missed all critical hazards. the regulator to the propane tank, the connection from the tank to the gas line, all the windows and even tabithas clothes line survived. the roof is fine minor shingle scuffing and thats all.
thank God for such a lucky catastrophie. we had moved the portable chicken coop a few hours eairlier. we noticed one of the roots had given away after a heavy rain and probably wouldn't survive any heavy winds.

mike and i cut stacked and cleaned the tree off the yard in a couple of hours this morning. that big cement square just to the right (top photo) of the propane tank is the entrance to the cistern. it is huge probably holds 2000+ gallons of water. we are going to collect rain water to use for our garden. the chickens promptly made roost on the branch above the propane tank where their coop was located the day before.
once this heat wave (this fall) is over we plan to work on the exterior of the house. it is just too bloody hot out there and the interior still needs so much work.
we got a break on our chimney flue. the local masonery heater expert, after a chat, explained in detail what i need to do and will sell us the necessary stuff at contractor prices. this is going to save us over $700 from our next option. i'd really like to make friends with him. he is extreemely nice and is considered the regional (midwest) masonery expert. i read about this guy on the internet months before we decided to move. i'd possibly like to work for him and extract some of his expertise. who knows?


Abigail said...

I read about the fallen tree in Tab's blog. It is even scarier to see the picture than it was to read it! I'm glad nothing got damaged!

Will you at least be able to use the wood in a stove or fireplace?

karl said...

yeah, we'll use it in our stove after it dries & is split.

it's not the greatest wood for heating but it's already cut & stacked. there is a big pile of brush waiting for a post rainy day for bond fire burning.

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