Wednesday, August 31, 2005

mud bath

we had a chicken killed in the road yesterday and the urgency to get our fence up went to code red. this means plenty of fence holes. the drought in the area has rendered the clay and stone ground almost un-diggable. plenty of water is necessary to soften the area which naturally encouraged the kids to get involved. they loved it only moderately fighting over the largest hole. the fence should be great. it is this old time wire fence with fancy wire work. we plan to paint it white and it should be very cool. tomorrow we'll pick up the chaff quarry stone for the cement work and set the posts. we should have a fence in the matter of a few days.

there is still plenty of work on the house to do. the tile still need some final grouting. the phone line needs to be permanently installed. the front room still needs carpet. the front porch could use a screen. gutters and a wash system would be nice for our cistern. yellow paint in the bathroom and general trim work throughout the house. the other half of the closet needs shelves.
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