Wednesday, September 07, 2005

curb appeal

well the fence is mostly in and painted red in remembrance of nineten (big fat hen). once the exterior started to shape up (the new fence) fixing the windows & stucco snarls became necessary--even with the heat beating down on us. mike & i used this stuff called (solarflex) it repairs old stucco by joining to it like magic. it's kinda like doing fiberglass & stucco rolled into one but this stuff is easy easy easy. a person could hardly do it wrong. it cleans up with water easier than latex paint. i'm just blown away by this stuff.

we killed the mold & mildew on 1/3 of the house & power-washed it with mikes new 2200 psi power sprayer. a person has to be careful not to damage the wood with that thing.

curb appeal (house paint) is close at hand

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