Thursday, September 15, 2005

get them up before i loose connection again

The fence with new top soil

the pond is really full now. i figure at 17 feet across (at the top) and 6 feet deep (like a bowl-bottom of a sphere) so i'm guessing (after dragging up some long forgotten math skills) that there is 2,500 gallons in ther right now. notice the GUESSING being the most important part of that statement.

this is a great example of the beautiful red clay here. i see some earthen plaster in my near future (cow milking shed)


BeanMama said...

Fantastical!!! Such hard work, but great payoff!! How does one keep ponds from becoming mosquito breeding grounds? (Or maybe they don't have mosquitos there, what do I know??)

karl said...

we asked mike the same question & he said our neighbors are closer to it than we are & they have a pool that they hang out at:) we'll probaby get some mosquito dunks that you put in the pond.

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