Friday, September 02, 2005

the gate is in and it looks cool

the fence posts are cut and the front is ready to paint. i installed the gate because it can get painted too.
we went to the creek yesterday and had a blast the kids loved it the rocks are very slippery which is a benefit for sliding down the little current. but tabitha fell and twisted her knee. we kinda just rode around in the car this morning and did a bit of shopping but mostly kept tabitha off her feet.
it is too late to get pictures of the gate tonight plus i think it's raining (yeah!)
photos to come
we also bought 5 gallons of exterior house paint (white)

kids are crazy gotta go


stella said...

omg. that looks just like my grandma's old gate/fence around her garden (minus the lovely paint job!) i LOVE that type of fencing wire. i was just thinking the other day about that type of wire and wondering if it was still available. it looks so cute!!!

karl said...

our fence wire is really old but alegedly these are accurate reproductions and we'd consider them if they were cheaper.

stella said...

yikes! that is pricey. you are fortunate to have found some wire in such great condition...there are a few rolls of wire in some of our outbuildings here but they are rusted all to hell. nice to know some people still take good care of farm supplies!

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