Saturday, May 27, 2006

the garden is coming on

our tomatoes got a bad case of aphids. i mixed an organic spray that included neem oil and sprayed the plants. later that evening the neem oil separated and coagulated into a clump. the sprayer got tripped (a small boy was involved) into the on position. the pressure sprayed most of the liquid out into the yard where the device was abandoned. i went to re-medicate the plants and managed to mix a super strong batch because the clump of concentrated neem remaining in the sprayer. i merrily sprayed the tomatoes and scorched them. they started to shrivel and brown up. tabitha panicked, there was pointing of fingers and several rude comments made. needless to say most of the tomatoes narrowly survived my over medicating them.
i have been working with our neighbor doing some construction. it has been nice i get to leave the car home for tabitha and ride to work with him. he pays 50% better and i don't spend $30 per week on gas.
we were, at the drop of a hat, planning on going canoeing this morning but a friend of toms borrowed one of his canoes unbeknownst to tom until late last night. we could have still gone but it would have been too much trouble for tom and his family to accommodate us also. chuck and anna were planning on coming to visit today but that was canceled earlier due to our illnesses and tristans impending turn for the stomach virus. we'll work around here today and maybe visit the creek around lunch time for a picnic.
i am in quest of a ketchup recipe from homegrown tomatoes. we have searched the internet and know the basics but any personal experience would be appreciated.
the rootcellar hole has become the new playground for the kids, especially tristan. i have to get a load of gravel to put in the bottom to get started.
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