Tuesday, May 02, 2006

thanks for the salsa ideas

we'll try them all and decide which one works the best. the first tomatoes that don't get immediately eaten will get the salsa test. contributors will automatically get sent a sample of their "selected" recipe. if the salsa doesn't make the grade then said contributor will be getting "their salsa" for every holiday henceforth.
just kidding....

anyway, we are excited to try to make salsa. our garden will be our life very soon. the kids each got a cherry tomato plant from the heirloom seed festival. tristan meticulously choose the tomatoes for kassi and himself. tabitha had to read him every description and show him a photo of each. he is so much like his mother in some ways.

the cow is going to kill me. the stress over each and every thing is too much. there is so much invested in that cow that it consumes our life. i realize that there is no gain without pain but this pain-to-gain ratio isn't balancing out and won't anytime soon.

one of our friendly neighbors got a barn/shed for us. he said he'd trade two cords of wood for it. it is 10 feet by 12 feet and is in pretty good shape. it will be a good place for hay, milking paraphernalia and gardening tools. we need to get it moved into place (it is on skids).
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