Monday, May 01, 2006

heirloom day

this is my lovely wife tabitha. she is really starting to get that pregnant woman glow. not that she isn't normally lovely but there is something about being pregnant makes tabitha glow.
we had a fun time at the festival. we bought a new hoe for the garden. yes it is pricey but tabitha really wanted it and mothers day is just around the corner. it might seem silly to spend twice as much on a hoe as necessary but gardening should be a pleasure and having the right tool makes it all that much better. these hoes are made from recycled agricultural tempered steel and are hand crafted. tabitha was outside after milking--hoeing every errant weed in our spring garden.
i am in quest of a can-able salsa recipe. the kids love salsa and we will hopefully have a bounty of tomatoes. my goals are to can over 200 jars of plan canned tomatoes and 100 jars of the yet to be discovered perfect salsa. many have suggested, including farmgirl, that we use the canned tomatoes to make salsa on the fly with fresh ingredients. yes that is a real possibility but the difference between making and having a ready made snack for the kids is huge. there are so many moments during the day that the kids need a snack and there isn't time to really make one.
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