Sunday, January 07, 2007

back on track

my back is almost all better. on christmas eve i was carrying one of those rice bags filled with 150 lbs of crushed stone for the root cellar wall i fell and broke the water main. i needed to scurry to lowes and get the parts necessary. anyway a few days later my back started to hurt and got progressively worse until i could hardly pick up toly let alone wear him in the sling. a few days ago i went to the chiropractor and it felt a little better right away but it took until today before i could load the front porch with wood. i hate letting the wood pile get low. it makes me anxious.
meanwhile, i have been staving off the cold that kassi has disseminated through the house--but only with moderate success.

the new champion juicer that i got for the family for christmas has been a big hit with tabitha and myself. we both have been drinking huge glasses of carrot juice each morning--it is like an addiction.

i am getting excited about the garden. i have to build a seed starter rack. bob has offered the florescent lights necessary in exchange for transplant ready heirloom tomato plants. we have been making lists within lists and plans within plans lately. siting around laid-up has that effect. i am so ready to get back to getting things done around here i feel like a sailor standing in line to the gangplank after a six month cruise.
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