Saturday, January 27, 2007

sinus infection continues

i have been ill for too long. household tasks have been neglected and as you know blogging has screeched to a complete halt. toly has been extra needy--we speculate that he is allergic to dairy. tabitha has stopped eating dairy in attempt to make toly happy and well. when i have been home my attentions are directed toward entertaining toly and the kids. since the sinus infection has set in i haven't had the energy to attempt anything else. since my last post i did manage to cut down a diseased tree in the back yard and work it up into fire wood for the barnafactor. that transaction is now complete. he has picked up most of his barter share. tabitha has stopped milking in attempt to get nimue bred back and re-calf. nimue is a swollen sad mess. she seems healthy but unhappy about being cut off from alfalfa and beet pulp.

i tried to shut up the chickens early the other night and one was still out and dead in the morning. i was very sad. the girls are finally back to laying eggs again. boy we sure did miss fresh eggs for that month or so of molting. rosie maliciously chased and bit henne penny sally chicken yesterday. tabitha really got after her. she now seems to understand that chickens aren't to be chased. if not we'll have to get rid of her. that would be a sad day. otherwise rosie is a good dog and really tries to please.

work is going well for the state of missouri. i have been accomplishing many tasks. they seem to like me. i helped a friend do a bit of roofing the other day and now have two huge blisters on my hands. one of each type, a blood blister still intact and a popped and dried and bloody cracking regular water blister.

i just built a seed starting shelf. some of the peet moss starter soil is soaking for seeds as i write. we need to purchase more peet moss, probably tomorrow. i have been aching to cut some more wood for next winter. time is getting short. the winter wheat cover crop is still keeping it's germination a secret in the garden.

today has been a dreary day and being by the warm wood stove is barely a consolation. i haven't worked on my root cellar or barn for so long that i am embarrassed. the dull ache in my head from the sinus pressure keeps me from reading or computer work. i feel like i'm swimming against the current.
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