Wednesday, January 31, 2007

frozen pipes

i woke this morning to frozen pipes. it was only the hot line to the bathroom but it prevented me from going to work this morning. i ran to the hardware store and purchased pricey heat tape. in the interim i plugged in the chick starter heat lamp and pointed it at the place where i thought the problem was.

during the fall some varmint dug into my insulated closure in the crawl (rather wallow/worm) space. the cold winter wind could penetrate the varmint exposed pipes.
i left the cold water drizzeling at the bathroom sink last night but that only protected the cold line.

when i returned i got out my high powered heat gun and managed to to melt through the frozen blockage. i then wallowed under the house to my navel and wrapped the plumbing in question with heat tape and bubble-foil-bubble insulation. i also re-insulated the little door that i made to cover the access point and closed the space back up.

i now have to go back to town to get a prescription for kassi. it seems that all the kids have strep-throat. toly has an ear infection. now, everyone is on antibiotics. we are a sorry lot. i have the go into work this afternoon so my my will be a busy one.
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