Saturday, June 30, 2007

animal roll call at the pile

nurtured animals
laying chickens 25
broiler chickens in tractor 25
guineas 10
goats 2
cows 2
dog 1
cats 2
people 5

feral animals
whistle pigs 2
squirrels 8-10
squash bugs 10,000

please consider yourself tagged and comment here so we can tally all.


Walter Jeffries said...

Hi Karl, I just did an Animal Roll Call over on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog. In a nutshell, the porkers out weigh everyone else put together by a factor of 17 or more. The pigs also out number the rest of us

South of the Gnat Line said...

Saw your Roll Call generated over at Sugar Mountain Farm blog and posted ours here:

Have a great weekend,

Rurality said...

chickens 2 (sad to say)
runner ducks 6
muscovy ducks 2
dog 1
cats 3
budgie 1
leopard gecko 1
catfish ? (few left)
bass ? (few left)

plenty of birds, bugs, fat rabbits & well-fed coyotes...

Danielle said...

We've got a ton o' flies...does that count?
1 dog (scruffy nosed great pyrenees, may be pregnant)
1 cat (came with the house and is scared of the dog so she wanders the woods)
2 goats (saanen)
25 or so variety of chickens and roosters (some barred rocks, and a few special ones I haven't identified yet)
1 wild pea hen
60,000 honey bees

Christy said...

Thanks for your interest in my animal roll call. I think mine roll call will be disappointing since I'm not homesteading yet.

2 cats
4 fish
1 snail
3 humans

That's it. We do foster kittens often so the number can be higher at times.

Gracious Acres said...

23 chicks (rainbow layers)
5 hens
2 kittens
1 cat
1 dog
several bunnies
many wild pheasants in the draw
few bugs (thanks to the chickens)
3 humans

Anonymous said...
Here's ours:
Seven Guinea Chicks
Two Jouvenile Guineas
Two Mix Breed Ausgtralorps
Two Rhode Island Reds
One Plymouth Rock
Three Orpingtons (two buff, one white)
Six Adult Guineas
One Dog
Two Cats
Two Saanen Dairy Goats
One baby
One Wife
One Proprietor
A Cobolt Programmer
A Marketing Student
And Bob

I admit I had to make individual distinctions to make our list longer, but, well, that's the way it is.

The Proprietor

sugarcreekfarm said...

Bull 1
Cows 10
Calves 10
Yearling calves 11
Boar 1
Sows 2
Feeder pigs 16
4-H pigs 5
Muscovy ducks 11?
Ducklings 3?
Roosters 6
Laying hens 50?
Horse 1
Dogs 2
Cats 4 + expecting kittens any day now
No broiler chickens at the moment, 150 arriving in August

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Here's my list:

2 horses
2 dogs
3 cats
12 adult guineas
40 guinea keets
3 adult chickens
17 juvenile chickens

In pictures here:

Granny Miller said...

Here's us:
2 people
4 dogs
8 cats?
9 rabbits
8 sheep
45 chicks?
1 rooster
6 hens
5 ducks
2 piglets (coming this week)
1 calf (coming in August)
and.....thank God!! .......No goats :-)

Gina said...

Animals here at CRF:

2 cows (Irish dexter)
5 sheep (Black Welsh)
2 goats (soon to have a third)
3 dogs
4 cats
1 cockatiel
13 chickens (several types)
9 chicks
2 guineas
1 turkey (bronze?)
3 ducks (pekin and runner)
1 rabbit (mini rex)
1 trantula
1 fish (long-nose gar)
4 human (mixed breeds)

pablo said...

I've made a post about my own animal roll call. It will appear on Sunday.

Lisa said...

Here's mine:

Summary: what were we thinking to have so many new to us critters this year?!

Laura @ Urban Hennery said...

Here's our roll call:

Hens: 4
Chicks (mutts): 3
Dogs: 2
Cats: 1
Humans: 2

But then we're on a city lot, so I don't think we're doing too bad!

CountryGoalie said...

Here's ours:

Ang. said...

Here at The Coop we have the following:

6 people
1 dog (soon to be 2 when we find the perfect puppy)
28 cats and kittens
1 Appaloosa horse
2 roosters
5 hens (used to be 30)

2 or more fox that have decreased our chicken numbers dramatically while we on vacation.

The Coop is now thinking of ways to outfox the fox!

rich said...

jayedee said...

hi! saw your role call over at sugar mountain farm.

here's my list:

1 dad
1 mom
5 kids (at home)
3 big ol dogs
1 little ankle biter
2 cats (that above named kids don't think i know about)
6 californian rabbit does
1 californain rabbit buck
7 pilgrim geese
9 cayuga ducks
1 ill natured senegal parrot
about 35 welsummer pullets
about 9 welsummer roo
2 guineas
1 royal palm turkeys (more eggs in the bator)
6 partidge cochin chicks
2 silkie chicks
2 frizzled polish chicks (more hatching)
lots of coturnix quail
a few bobwhite and tennessee red quail
aracauna eggs in the bator
diamond quail in the bator
10,000,000 roaches
pigs-next year
goats-next year

jojo said...

i'm in... FUN! i put one up on my blog too! scary to count them all. you might want to add how many one can fit on an acre... LOL

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