Sunday, June 24, 2007

partito di compleanno della principessa

kassi is my princess. i sometimes call her principessa, thats italian for princess. five years ago in santa barbara and during the early pursuit of tabitha she was in an italian class. during a viewing of Life is Beautiful i started calling her principessa. the name stuck and was an obvious carry over to kassi.

we had her big birthday party. tabitha made cake (delicious beyond any other) and ice cream. we bought a hand crank ice cream maker. if you have a jersey cow an ice cream maker is a necessity the hand crank model keeps ice cream production to special occasions only. we invited many friends and were a little disappointed in the turnout. the thompsons were sick and justifiably absent. hand cranking the ice cream makes the build up to crescendo palpable.

kassi was doted upon and showered with presents. she was truly gleeful with a perpetual smile. we continued our piñata activity and acquired this piñata from the local mexican food restaurant. it was heavily constructed and took several hits by every child before giving up the ghost. kassi recieved a huge package via fedEx just at the tail end of the party. it was stuffed with dress-up stuff her excitement was so extreme that any verbalizations that came from her could only be heard by dolphins and dogs.

we over packed the piñata for many more children than were present (grumble). candy saturation was taken to new heights the old title was previously held by halloween. birthday festivities are now suspended until august 9th.
kassi big party

i got some cool tea as a late birthday present i'll try it out today--thanks a lot.

the big cement pour is slated for today. i hope i can hold up for the entire task.

our new bathtub arrived today also. well, it is old but new to us. we are also in the process of re-doing our bathroom. the old bath got a micro crack and leaked under our flooring and ruined the tile work:(
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