Thursday, June 21, 2007

county fair

we went to the county fair again this year. as an adult once you have been to a fair of this caliber you have been to them all. kids are a different story. they had the same rides as last year with the exception of a broken merry-go-round which caused a little heart ache. the county fair is pretty rinky-dink but the kids loved it.
they only have the usual set-up of traveling mechanical rides and concessions--you've seen them. the favorite ride for the second year in a row was the gigantic slide. kassi and tristan both climbed all the way to the top, alone. they managed to follow instructions without getting intimidated and slide down. after a few assaults on the summit kassi got tired and we moved to the next ride.

they did have a mini bull riding display in the arena which was amusing for a while. after a bucking ride one of the bulls refused to return to the corral. we left a few minutes later because during their incompetent attempts to subdue the bull they fell back on a comedic routine which included crude and explicit jokes. sadly, all judging competition of farm animals happens at the state fair in sedalia missouri. once the kids are older we might pursue a 4-h project animal raising and make the trek to sedalia.
county fair 07

not really venturing too far from my immediate circle left me amazed as to the sheer quantity of smokers walking around. i had to get out of line several times from a ride to avoid the envelop of blue smoke around me and toly. i just don't get it. historians will look back at this era with amazement. they will wonder how our species survived the rampant self inflicted poisoning.
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