Monday, October 15, 2007

guess what? chicken butt..

tabitha said that yesterday during chicken butchering just as she flipped the chicken over exposing his butt. we laughed ourselves silly. there are two ways butchering leaves us. we either end up worn and achy or giddy. yesterday was one of those giddy after the gruesome days. we butchered eight chickens in two hours thirty minutes. lurlee watched the kids which was a godsend.

nimue is doing much better. although we had an entirely new close call with her. she somehow broke the ratcheting lock on the screw off lid to the chicken grain. she ate about 30 pounds of grain. that usually kills a cow. they need lots of hay to keep their stomach healthy. after we discovered that she broke and unscrewed the lid in less than an hour. tabitha called the vet and i came home from work. we rushed her in to get a mineral oil drench. they coated her stomach in a gallon of mineral oil and she has made it through the toughest part.

niña, the new cow, is doing well. rather, tabitha is milking her remarkably well. niña still isn't halter broke so leading her anywhere is impossible. tabitha bribes her into the stanchion. it can take several minutes before she'll go in. it is a pain in the guess what? chicken butt.. one interesting fact that we have just discovered is, niña has never been milked. tabitha is feeling wonderfully accomplished breaking a cow to milk.

rainy day today.

bathroom progress has screeched to a complete halt but we are enjoying it anyway.

toly has really taken to the whole bath thing. bathing is a family affair here at the pile.

generally all is well, just really crazy.
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