Sunday, October 07, 2007

pasteurized homogenized

kassi is allergic to regular milk. she can't control her bladder properly when she drinks it. kassi loves milk. we have stumbled across a couple of solutions.

janet, our friend bought our goats back in partial trade for cows milk. i'll pick up milk on wednesdays and everything will be fine for a while. that should be enough for the kids and some of that delicious cream for tabithas and my coffee.
the second solution will be much more long term. our new friends darla and lance are buying the mother of their jersey heifer. they want tabitha to milk her after they take the calf away and share the milk. keeping our fingers crossed that it all works out. we don't know how she'll be to milk--tabitha is very optimistic.

bathroom progress as screeched to a halt. the vet bills took all of our money for the next while.

the root cellar has also stopped. my wine bottle source gave them all to their wine making friend. i might go to the local restaurant and bar to see if they have any jake bottles that they can spare.

i have monday off so a good garage cleaning might be in order.
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