Wednesday, October 24, 2007

we built a milking shed

over the weekend we built a portable milking shed. lance, niña's owner, made the steel square tube frame. the following two days were a flurry of he and i designing and building the milking shed. saturday and sunday were framing and putting on the siding. i did the roof yesterday. lance bought ondura roofing. it was very easy to install. i installed the purlines and the roof in just a few hours.
i still have to build the stanchion and install all the amenities. the milking shed will have lights and switched electricity for the vacuum pump. i also plan to plumb a vacuum line so the pump can be isolated and the milking process can be quieter.

lance and darla took photos of the entire process. i'll try to get copies tomorrow to flush out this post. otherwise a photo of the end result will have to suffice.

this is niña

tabitha has fallen for her. she is a great cow and is becoming a wonderful addition to the pile.
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