Saturday, August 16, 2008

los dos pedros

AKA the place that makes the best carne asada burritos in the world.
this place is in san diego, la jolla actually. obviously this sort of claim is subjective. every person that i have introduced directly or vicariously have agreed that this place does indeed make the best carne asada burritos.

this little mexican taqueria is classic. there is no indoor seating unless you count a barstool next to the pepsi fridge. the outdoor seating is a converted old carport. mostly you can just walk down turquoise to the ocean and eat them on the beach. tourmaline surf park is just a short view up the coast.

san diego gas and electric still owes me a deposit from the place just a few blocks from there. i ate five meals a week there and never tired of their carne asada burritos. robertos in ocean beach is the runner up on the burrito competition.

thanks matt for the image. every time he visits there he sends me a little memorabilia.

tabitha is back from the oral surgeon. all four wisdom teeth are now gaping holes of pain. the kids are doing great. rome has gained over two pounds in two weeks. the weather has been accommodating and i have resigned to let so many things go to pot that i feel rather free today.


Beth said...

My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday and is just now beginning to feel "normal" again. The swelling is subsiding and the bruising is turning to that jaundice yellow color. Beautiful ;-)

Thoughts going out to the Pile while the recovery happens.


Rixa said...

Ugh, I remember getting my wisdom teeth out. It was hard enough, and I was just going to college at the time. No kids. I puked up a whole bunch of blood the day after and almost fainted in class. Then I had chipmunk cheeks for several days. I think it really helped my ethos in the class I was TA'ing.

I got mine done for free by signing up for a medical experiment on post-operative pain relief. I strongly believe that I got the placebo!

R. Sherman said...

Whenever I'm in the southwest, I cannot forgo trying every taqueria I can find. The best to date for me, is a little place called La Casita in Alpine, TX. Great enchiladas and cold Sol beer.

Good times.

Ron said...

Every day, I wake up and try to remind myself to let a bunch of things go to pot. It's a very freeing experience. :)

The temps sure have been wonderful for August!


Abigail said...

I remember those gaping holes of pain after wisdom tooth removal. My heart goes out to Tabitha and I hope she has a speedy recovery!

edifice rex said...

Yeah, "resigned to let a bunch of things go to pot", haha, I know that feeling. Sometimes you just have to though. Hope you all get some rest and continue to do well.

jenny said...

Oh yes, gaping holes-- did she also get the numb cheeks and lips and endless drooling?? I stayed in the car while my mom went to go fill my pain meds in the pharmacy. No need to scare people with my "mad dog" ways!

Hope Tabitha feels better soon!

Gone to pot-- I can sympathize with that too! We aren't harvesting very much this summer compared to before and this is the year we need it the most. At least it ain't hot where we are, like it usually is in the month of Auguest.

Karelle said...

Mmmm... I LOVE eating there! I don't get down there very often (I'm in North County) but it's always worth it.

I hope Tabitha is feeling better. I remember having my wisdom teeth out - it certainly wasn't any fun.

I've let part of my garden go to pot too. It's a good feeling...

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