Friday, August 29, 2008

rome is ok now

he just got back from the doctor receiving "all-clear" having been diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia. he has been on a nebulizer--albuteral and steroids. i'm finally able to make a post without feeling like a complete whiner.

tabitha made her first dinner tonight. tasty chicken, rice and squash. we are resigned to shop at the store for what we eat for a while. i know it seems lazy and not very responsible but we must. i shopped from a list that was made from a meal plan. what a different experience that was. usually we just get a few things and mostly eat from our pantry. i feel a bit like a failure but "what ever will be..."

we got a new monochrome lazer printer. it is very cool. the kids need it for home schooling and coloring pages. they can even water paint on the pages it makes. the printer was instrumental in printing our new shopping list system.

tristan feeding nimue a flower/weed. tabitha felt her baby kick this afternoon. yeah, it is alive and kicking. we were concerned since she was so ill around the time she was pregnant.

roary is looking better since we dried her off. she'll have a few months to regain her condition for her calf.

the cats are growing like crazy we keep them scantily fed so they are voracious hunters.

the puppies are growing like crazy too. they are very healthy and well behaved. they are still in intensive training--not to bother the chickens, cows or kids. they also have great protective instincts. we really really like them.

toly feels better since his ear infections. he has been very good about going potty in the proper places.

kassi is being like mommy and taking a bunch of photos.

we plan to get into the bees and harvest them this weekend.
i also hope to brush hog the entire place this weekend too.

now that was a bit more up-beat wasn't it?


mamabug said...

love the photos & catching up. I am so glad to hear all are getting well, especially rome!

Phoebe Gleeson said...

Lazy and selfish, yeah, that was my first thought. Cause I know all you guys do is lay around and eat bon-bons. And watch Oprah. Yep.

uncle matt said...

...and Qubo.

Danielle said...

we are doing an extraction this weekend as well! Have fun!

Danielle said...

P.S. you guys are not failures for buying food. I know the ideal and I know what you are striving for...but buying food especially right now is not a failure. I just look at it this way. We are so blessed that when we need something we can go buy it, instead of just go without. Ya know?

Woody said...

Karl..So happy to hear that ya'll are feeling better. It just sucks when everything seems to hit at the same time.


Gina said...

Beautiful photos! I hope you don't feel too bad about store shopping. You have so much going on right now and all the rains and timing of events just left a dismal garden this year. Oh, and the dogs, forgot the dogs. Next year may surely be better. It all ebbs and flows, right?

sugarcreekfarm said...

Glad everyone's on the upswing. Our whole food/garden philosophy right now is, "there's always next year."

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! Glad everything is going better. Lord, I shop at the store every week! Give yourself a break! Everybody wants to do better but man, you can only do so much. Ya'lls place is amazing.

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