Monday, August 11, 2008

waxing nostalgic

first let me say everything is going to be fine around here. i was in a bit of a panic.

the washer was in warranty they gave me a new brain for it--too bad i couldn't get one for me too. i just installed it. the replacement was different from the original but a phone call later and we figured it out.

my best friend called the other day and cheered me up. he sent me some pictures
of one of our excursions to mexico

papas and beer 1994

i still own those shorts btw.

several margaritas were consumed.

notice my groovy surfer necklace. those locals were acting too cocky on that volleyball court for matts taste.

here we are suiting up.

poised for battle

yes, i scored that point.

yes we kicked their butts--notice the anguished local leaning on the net.
victory, dislodging the local talent.

cleaning and cooling off.
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