Monday, August 11, 2008

waxing nostalgic

first let me say everything is going to be fine around here. i was in a bit of a panic.

the washer was in warranty they gave me a new brain for it--too bad i couldn't get one for me too. i just installed it. the replacement was different from the original but a phone call later and we figured it out.

my best friend called the other day and cheered me up. he sent me some pictures
of one of our excursions to mexico

papas and beer 1994

i still own those shorts btw.

several margaritas were consumed.

notice my groovy surfer necklace. those locals were acting too cocky on that volleyball court for matts taste.

here we are suiting up.

poised for battle

yes, i scored that point.

yes we kicked their butts--notice the anguished local leaning on the net.
victory, dislodging the local talent.

cleaning and cooling off.


Paula said...

Glad you're feeling better!

nathan said...

Totally tubular photos. I couldn't tell it was you in the photos. Sure is different living in Missouri especially rural southern Missouri. I lived in Indio Calif. in 1988 and 1989, the cost of living and family brought me back home to southern Missouri. (Farmington)I do miss the mild winters and the sunshine and heat of summer. Also the great mexican resturants and fresh fruits and dates of the desert area.

uncle matt said...

I find especially important to point out to your readers the LENGTH and COLOR of your hair. BTW, I'll send you new shorts. I think I still have that goatee around here somewhere...I'll send that to Tristan too. Good times!

uncle matt said...

Those locals had nothing on the drunken gringos!

R. Sherman said...

Glad things are well.

As for nostalgic photos, my kids stumbled across an old box of college pics once, which resulted in my youngest walking upstairs and asking "Who's this?"

Unfortunately, it was not is mother and she had a dearth of apparel, at least for 1980.



Ron said...

oh man, that was a whole other world, eh? I wish I had gotten the extended warranty on my brain sometimes too. :)


Wendy said...

I was going to ask what was up with the hair ;) ... it's funny that Matt pointed it out.

Glad things are better. I think those panic moments must be good to remind us that things are rarely as bad as we think they are.

I hope Tabitha is getting her strength back - and drinking lots of Red Raspberry Tea :).

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