Sunday, March 29, 2009

chicken coop roof

kassi is rome's second mommy. she held him while watching morning pbs and he fell asleep in her arms.

so cute.

i managed to squeeze some chicken coop work in today.

the roof is on and it's ready for siding. i cut the recycled steel with my circular saw. i used an old carbide blade installed backwards. it works better than using an actual steel cutting blade. the noise it makes is incredible and will damage your ears. luckily i have several sets of ear protection and safety glasses.

that huge roll of horse fence is seven feet tall. it will be the chicken pen. they'll enjoy a large run instead of roaming all over creation.

here is a nice juxtaposition of the old shabby coop and their new diggs under construction.

besides cutting the steel for the roof and installing it we managed to plant some gifted bamboo, yucca, and day lilies around the farm. the bamboo will hopefully be a screen from our creepy new neighbors. the yucca is out by the mailbox and lilies are by the red fence.

the onions are doing marvelously.

we'll be in the salad very soon

we also had a little surprise yesterday morning.

this will be our first year that we can harvest as much asparagus as we can eat. in previous years we had to show great restraint to let the little guys develop. there will be a few weeks of smelly pee around here very soon.

the dogwoods are finally popping out. everything is really greening up. we are expecting a cold snap this coming weekend then the pullets will go out into a chicken tractor for a little while. they need to get outside in the grass.

spring is so much fun, such excitement and wonderful expectations.


Ron said...

It will be nice to have the chickens contained... I like having them roam around, but I do have to think "is this chicken-proof?" about everything we do around here.

The onions look great. Did you start them from seed?

Asparagus looks awesome too. I'm looking forward to that.

I've got a service berry in bloom in the woods, dogwoods just might pop tomorrow. Spring is here!


Wendy said...

Your new chicken house is gorgeous ... I think I've said that.

We'll be planting peas soon, but most of the other stuff will have to wait a little longer :). We still have some snow in places.

I hope my asparagus gets big this year. It'll be two years this year, since I planted it, but I think I didn't do a good job with location. We'll see, I guess :).

Woody said...

Nice work on the coop. I've got an addition planned some time this spring for ours. You've provided some needed motivation.

I can't wait for the first spears. The "smelly pee" comment cracked me up! So true.


tansy said...

everything is looking well! the coop is going to be a luxury suite for the chickens!

karl said...

ron, yes chicken containment will be a glorious thing. we have had our hens out for over three years now and have spent countless hours and money fencing everything from them. it is their turn for a while. i might build a hen/laying tractor for them in some future but for now they'll have to be in confinement.
the onions were from sets, those little bulbs. our asparagus bed might be our favorite producer. i hope you enjoy yours as much as we do. spring is here.

wendy thanks, asparagus is a tricky thing. we are pretty lucky with ours. ahh spring is so much fun.

woody thanks, yes smelly pee it is a funny thing.

tansy, yes those chickens will live in the lap of luxury.

Brad said...

We have to finish our new coop and run area this week. It won't be quite as elaborate as yours, but hopefully our hens will appreciate it. Free range is not possible during the gardening season.

warren said...

Smelly pee indeed! That's the best part! My kids will even eat it just for the effect!

Walter Jeffries said...

Wait a minute! You have green stuff on the ground!

Nice chicken palace. :) Keep up the good work. Those ladies will love living in style.

edifice rex said...

That's a really nice chicken coop design (of course, it reminds me of my house)! I'm anxious to see it finished.

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