Thursday, March 19, 2009

evil flu

the entire pile of o'melays has been struck down again. this time it was my fault. i got it first probably from work. i have never been so sick from a flu in my life. it was completely debilitating. i laid in bed, hardly ate and forced every amount of liquid that i could manage down. this morning is the first day i have had coffee in three days. for those of you who know me can easily realize that any illness that keeps me from my most passionate vice it must have been severe indeed.

poor tabitha now has it and has been apologising profusely for not being compassionate enough during my misery. i must say that she took fine care of me and i have arrived safely on the other side. i'm staying home today to help take care of the pile. any well wishes might help though.

rome had a 103.5 temp last night. kassi seems to feel etter this morning. tristan is still miserable. toly has yet to officially contract the illness althoough he is showing the early signs.
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