Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring has sprung

the pullets are at that ugly stage right now. they'll start looking better in a few weeks. this stage is especially sad for this breed, silver laced wyandottes.

the green house is really a huge change for us this year.

not having the tomatoes in the house threatened by small crazy children has been a sanity saver.

our matriarch cat is with kitten again. she is a true farm cat and her offspring are great hunters.

bob has one of her daughters, overfeeds her and she still is an incredible hunter.

this in an incredibly straight row of onions.

it just looks crooked.

greens are doing nicely.

we started these in flats and transplanted them a few weeks ago.


he looks normal sized in this photo. he's not though. the kids try to ride him all the time. he lets them for about three or four seconds. henry loves rome and hovers over him when he's on the ground in his areas.


aka dinner

this is the smaller pig kirby.

ham anyone?


the past illness has all but halted progress on the new coop.

fresh raw milk is in my future and here is the reason.

garden yet to be planted.

we love our green house.

our peach tree is in full bloom.

along with the redbuds, service berry trees and all those bradford pear ornamentals everywhere.

strawberry beds. the newest one is in the foreground.

rome has taken to a speedier method of transportation

the bear crawl.

he is thinning down loosing that chubby baby status

he still has a double chin though.
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