Saturday, April 18, 2009

much has happened

my blogging sabbatical was forced by impending visitors, spring garden duties and generally being over my head in farmstead improvements. NO, the coop still isn't done. although i have made some real progress.

this was last week

my celestiary isn't nearly as nice as annie's.

here is what i accomplished today--the door. we also planted carrots, a second row of beets and a bunch of herbs today. i emptied both raised carrot beds onto a tarp. then i added sand and compost mixed thoroughly and shoveled it back into the beds. i also tilled the remaining vacant part of the garden. that always means removing several buckets of rocks and dragging them off.

i hauled the rocks to the root cellar back-fill.

they are up there near the back right. the shape of it is really coming into view.

i'll borrow bob's small front end loader for the remaining back-fill work. shoveling ozarks soil is back breaking work.

we installed the new bees. they are russian girls "kracive dama" in my worst bastardized russian.

we got them during a cold spell and couldn't get back into them. they made this wild comb during the cold.

they had already filled the frames and this wasn't attached to a removable frame. my mom took it home with her.

my parents came for a visit. they hadn't met three of the children. it has been a while since they have visited. weird anxiety surrounded their impending visit. last time things were left awkward and remained that way for several years. i'm glad things are back on track.

we had a great time. they got a trampoline for the kids.

rome even loved it.

toly wooed them with his charismatic way.

all the kids went crazy over it.

henry was on his best behavior the entire time. he also wooed them with his protective/friendly prowess.

i was happy that the dogwoods were still blooming for their visit. my mom loves dogwoods.

the yard is really greening-up. i hope that the front yard bamboo fills-in the entire front of our house.

the tomato seedlings are doing great. almost too great.

kirby and zelda are back. i mixed them with a little fresh asparagus.

then i made omelets.
we eat really well here at the pile.

going back in time to easter. we had the most fun easter egg hunt.

here the kids are all queued up and ready to go.

we had it in papa's barn since impending rain nearly quenched the festivities.

fun was had by all.

the mad scramble

they were everywhere.

a booty check.

kassi got the most.

climbing was necessary to see them all.

papa/grandpa refereed all activites.
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