Saturday, April 04, 2009

true sign of spring

over the past few days tabitha and kassi have found close to thirty morel mushrooms IN OUR YARD.

this is the second bait of them we have enjoyed. the most amazing part is that they are growing in our yard. not in the field or the forest but where we infrequently mow our yard. kassi discovered them and has an uncanny ability to spot them. she calls it her secret eye.

i managed to get a few hours in on the chicken coop today. yes annie it does look a bit like the design of your house, coincidence? i still need windows for my celestory. not my normal mode of operating. i usually collect stuff like that before hand and alter my design to accommodate. it will likely be difficult finding the perfect windows for free or very cheap since my criteria is narrowed.

toly was one of my helpers

although tristan was the most present. toly flitted between the coop and the house while tristan stayed and truly helped. i am always amazed by him. quite often he'll be standing there holding my next tool as i start to look for it, "here you go daddy."
his mind is so present for a six-year-old. when he starts to drift off i encourage him to stay focused because there are lots of dangerous things happening at a construction site. the best piece of safety equipment is an acute mind. a good pair of safety glasses can't hurt either.

here is the remaining pile of steel.

i still have quite a bit left. i might get a few more hours of coop work time this afternoon. i'd really like to have it done before my parents arrive for their visit.

super toly
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