Sunday, April 19, 2009

strawberry fields forever

tabitha's strawberry beds are really looking great.

the kids are praying for a big harvest.

black raspberry bramble

asparagus bounty for today.

we harvested heavily while my parents were visiting. we need another asparagus bed.

the replacement girls are doing very well.

they are cleaning up where the new tomato beds will be.

the beets are really coming on. we love beets.

henry is getting huge

this is compost from the chicken coop. it is still very hot and needs to be turned badly.

spring is such an exciting time

hello dinner, i mean phoenix..

i moved the square bale feeder as to open the view of the new "show" chicken coop. we are tentatively calling it francis ford coopula.

the kids love playing there.

a little cedar rust?

it feels funny.

these are the new flower beds. kassi is so excited. the materials were purchased outright. it almost seemed like cheating. although my back is just as sore from digging them in as if they were made from cedar logs like i cut for the strawberry beds.

this is the fresh salad that we just had for dinner.

tabitha picked it fresh. there is nothing like fresh greens in the spring. my body craves them and no store bought imitation can fulfill me in comparison.

we feel very blessed to be able to eat so well. spring nutrients are answering an overdue call. we are beginning to recharge from the long winter.
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