Monday, July 13, 2009

last night picking

we picked these tomatoes from our plants last night.

tabitha has a bit more from the day before to add to our first canner load, hooray.

we are getting tomatoes but it is sad to see the dying plants give up the ghost. we have been eating tons of squash and cucumbers. tabitha has canned over fifty pints of pickles. she also has the second row of beets to put up. they are very small in comparison to our first row.

there is a storm raging outside right now. i was awoke by a thunder clap. the weather here can be so dramatic. i'll take a little drama to get the rain. tabitha broadcast buckwheat as a cover crop for part of our garden. it needs rain since we don't have soaker hoses there.

the bees should like buckwheat. i got into the bees the saturday. they seem great. it was kinda windy so i didn't go for the full inspection. i did notice that we'll have to harvest honey within a couple of weeks. these russian bees are so friendly in comparison to our old bees. i hope they over winter well. you'd think they would being from russia and all. i'd like to split them in the spring or maybe we'll buy another starter nuc. having bees is a love-hate relationship. we love most everything about them except that all four of our hives died this last winter.

we took the kids to their friends for a swim-birthday-party yesterday. they love them it is so great to watch their play. i wish we lived a bit closer to them. as we all squished into my little truck the conversation always returned to our need for a van. we consciously choose to only have one vehicle and knew what we were getting into. now with toly probably needing further testing and accompanying trips to springfield our status has changed. having a second vehicle/van falls from the luxury column over to the necessity column. anyone know what a pound of flesh is going for these days?
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