Monday, July 20, 2009

we might be getting some tomatoes after all

this is the third time this year that our table had been covered. we have 42 quarts canned up so far and tabitha will probably put-up another twenty eight today. we use tomatoes very frequently and can easily use one hundred and fifty quarts.

tabitha has also pickled an incredible fifty five pints of cucumbers.

this is zucchini relish.

the kittens are bonafide. they are already excellent hunters.

kassi's sunflowers that she grew from seed.

we harvested a top super from the bees. the honey is spectacular-spectacular. toly loves it and won't touch the stuff that we buy.

these amish paste tomatoes are really pumping out the fruit.

this is our second planting of cucumbers. they are already getting the wilt.

the root cellar is settling nicely. the cover of mint is really taken.

the chickens love their coop. i need to build more nest boxes soon. we have two broody hens right now and have no blood line control yet so they just sit there most of the day in vain.

these plants are doing ok. there is lots of waste from these. we won't be growing omar lebanese again.

the okra is doing fabulously.

the cow is looking pretty good too.

the garden is a complete jungle.

we are never growing melons again. we just lost our last plant the other day.

these rows seemed so wide when we first planted them. now you can barely walk between.

our peppers are putting on tons of fruit too. we'll be pickling lots of them too.

baby blue birds.

i am disappointed with this variety of pole bean. it'll probably be back to rattlesnake pole bean again next year.

beautiful foliage though.

anyone seen japanese beetles eating marigold flowers?

barring the catastrophic, we'll be getting a bunch of butternut squash.

we also made a bunch of soap. this is our best batch ever.


Susanne Iles said...

Thank you for your blog!!As a family moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle we are grateful for blogs like yours.By sharing the ups and the downs of "doing it yourself" it helps others (us) keep a realistic perspective yet assures us we are on the right path. Blessings to you and your family always, Susanne

Shannon and Alex said...

Holy moly! I might be covered in tomatoes soon too. Wish I were near to learn to make soap. I'm "skeered" to try by myself.

Angie said...

i am so sad to hear of all the blight that is going on this year everywhere. What happened with your melons? i love your blog, read it all the time past and present. Wishing your family the best.

Anonymous said...

My gosh Karl! Everything looks so lush and beautiful.


Woody said...

I really like the way your root cellar turned out. Everything looks fantastic. Ya'll have really done a wonderful job with your garden this year.


nathan said...

I second the root cellar comment by woody. Looks fabulous in the picture. I had my doubts when i first viewed the first pictures. Your garden looks great this year also. I always heard that melons like sandy soil, they take up alot of space which is why i don't grow them.
Nathan in Missouri

warren said...

I am so jealous! Our garden is a waste this year with all the rain we've had. Your tomatoes look awesome! We harvest honey in a few weeks...let's hope for a good honey year. Glad you enjoy yours so much! We do too!

milton f said...

Karl, I really enjoy your blog. The garden looks fantastic! And the root cellar really turned out looking good too.

The zucchini relish that you showed, is really interesting. How do you use it? And how is it made? Once again, with only 6 plants, we are buried in zukes, and even while giving them away have them in abundance. I really do not want to freeze them, so your relish just might be the way to go.

Thanks for sharing your adventures, it really is a good read.

theresa said...

This continues to be super inspirational...thanks!

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