Sunday, August 02, 2009

big fat magazine publisher

yep, that was me. we are sitting on the balcony of the magazine offices. rusty on the far right was a staff artist/writer/designer. jim in the middle was our drinkin' buddy--he calls my mom "church-lady." notice my beer gut? at that time one of my friends owned a bar just down the road in pacific beach. i had a brass plaque on the bar with my name on it and an open tab. the plaque was way down by the end of the bar next to the pool tables. i enjoyed many hours of pool.

it was like another life. see what a good woman can do for a lost soul? i don't think about those days very often. my friend jim sent me this on facebook. who'd have though he'd turn out regurgitating rush limbaugh? i didn't realize that being a miscreant could lead to being a misanthrope. facebook is like a high school reunion for your entire life. well, that is what it is like for me anyway...

we are getting geared up to go to st. louis for toly's testing. we are planning on being gone for five days. it will be hard to be away from the place for that long. we hope to go to the zoo, city museum, science center and basilica cathedral. although our highlight will be visiting tansy. our kids are so excited. kassi is already composing artistic sonnets to her daughter. i cut tristan, tabitha and my hair. we need to look normal at the hospital.

we'll be borrowing a van from our friends. it is very kind of them. we also plan on bringing an ice chest filled with omelay pantry items. we hope to have a few good meals. i might get to help slaughter a goat too. it'll be good experience for what i plan this winter.
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