Wednesday, August 12, 2009

rome = fever

as tabitha succinctly put it. he has been fussy all night. tabitha and toly have been stirring, probably not getting much rest either.

i came home from work to tabitha curled on the playroom floor in pain. toly threw a heavy board/excommunicated-toy and hit tabitha in the ankle. arnica, ice, and tylenol were immediately applied. today is a bad day to be disabled. there is over two hundred pounds of tomatoes on all the horizontal surfaces in the kitchen. canning must ensue in earnest today. luckily today is my half day.

before we left for S.L. i tried to mow the yard and bent the blade into a fish hook. the yard was so overgrown it looked like no one lives here. i managed to pound/wrench/straighten the blade and mow the little front yard. two dozen bags of clippings later i was bushed. when ever i start the mower the cows come running. they know they are in for a treat, fresh partially chewed grass.

i used some of the lesser quality clippings to mulch around the bee hive. it is easier than weed-eating there--they don't like that. all of our buckwheat is in bloom. strangely, the bees aren't any where to be seen on it. i guess there are better more savory food sources around. i thought bees were supposed to love buckwheat?

i have so much catching up to do around here that i am overwhelmed. we likely get pigs thursday and i am nowhere near ready for them. the feeder must repaired. the new water fountain must be built. i'll hopefully post about those activities. i need to finish mowing, the mower already has trouble mowing a swath without bogging down. late fall garden must be prepared and planted. tomato rows must be taken down and burned. most importantly tabitha will need help canning.
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