Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the colder season is upon us

tabitha dug the sweet potatoes. they were huge. she left them out to dry and it has done nothing except rain ever since. we'll bring them in tomorrow and let them cure in the house. we removed the top super from the bees and got a little more honey. they are mostly closed in for the winter now. i have yet to wrap them in tar-paper and put their top feeder on. they should have plenty of honey stored for winter but i will feed them anyway. i don't want them to die. like the bees from last year did. strangely every ones bees in the immediate area died last year. that is little consolation though.

i replaced the gaskets on the wood stove. toly and rome managed to destroy them through out the summer. the remaining gasket was hard and crunchy. the wood stove manual suggest that they should be changed every year. i can't imagine doing that. the gasket material cost twelve dollars and the special high temperature glue was another five. not too expensive but it was a pain in the butt. i scraped and wire brushed the old gasket and glue and put in the new gasket. all the doors had to be readjusted the make a proper seal.

i had to clean the stove pipe and chimney too--messy work. the flue was nearly completely clogged. ash had fallen and settled where the stove attached to the pipe. i took it completely apart and realigned the pipe and made sure that it fit very snugly. all the proper heat shields needed adjusting too. it took a few hours but i feel much safer having gone over the wood stove in such detail.

i lit a small fire to take the damp chill out of the house. the draft worked great and the stove seals to the point of killing the fire with the damper shut. i'll trim the white rock-wool around the pipe next time it cools down. i left extra there to be sure i got a good seal and could use the surplus to stuff into leaky areas.

i also loaded a little wood on the porch. most of the wood is soaked from the wet weather we have been having. this should dry and keep us until sunny weather returns. i have taken a cold so that is about all i can do for today.
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