Friday, October 16, 2009

greenhouse 1.2

we cleaned out the greenhouse. it had a huge castor bean plant and a large fruitless tomato plant in it. i took out the old shelves and we loaded all the pots and seed starting stuff into the wheel barrow. with the floor clear we discussed a layout for the raised beds that will host our greens. i set a row of block across the back and closed in that end. i cut an old piece of plywood and zip tied it to the back.

i folded the surplus plastic across the plywood in the back and screwed and even older/ scrappier piece to hold the plastic in place.

very secure and cozy for winter. i plan to seal up the front door area a little better with some surplus bubble foil insulation. if that doesn't keep the breezes out i might install a secondary plastic wall with a overlapping slit pass through just inside the existing storm door. only as a last resort though because it will take considerable effort to make that happen.

i went to the local lumber yard and got a couple of (two by twelves). i opted for the pressure treated stuff because greenhouse 1.2 probably be there until the planned addition is completed. greenhouse 6.0* will be attached to the south facing wall of the addition.

there is about twenty inches of planting space on either side of the walk. the walk way is twenty four inches wide. there will be four (one foot by eight foot) wire shelves against the north wall, on the left. that will afford a bunch of sunny space for seedlings this late winter.

i'll fill the bed area with dirt tomorrow. i have some compost in a few locations that might go a distance in filling that area. had i been feeling better i'd have gotten that done today. it is funny how illness slows things down so much. i'm feeling a little worse for the wear right now.

luckily tabitha made an excellent dinner tonight. it was a gourmet meal made from our pantry. tomato and meat pasta with extra garlic. she baked two focaccia breads. one of them has fresh rosemary garlic and coarse sea salt. a fresh salad picked five minutes before we sat down. it was fabulous.

we commented on how removed we are from the standard method that most people have a meal like this. all the fresh ingredients and quality of preserves from our garden, the fresh baked bread, our own meat pork and beef, we feel so blessed. meals like this really makes us appreciate the simpler things in life more fully.

i asked tabitha to take a photo of her lovely focaccia. she got a little distracted and we have no proof for further braggin' rights. you'd have to take my word on how it tasted so what's a little more of a leap of faith?

* 6.0 because advances in technology will be so vast that several version numbers must be skipped
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