Sunday, October 18, 2009

greenhouse 1.2 filled

i got up early and started filling the raised beds with dirt. we decided to save the final compost for the top layer. i dug the dirt from around the compost bins and some by the door of the old hog pen. the dirt was great, as good as the compost that i was saving back. i managed seven full wheelbarrow loads. tabitha picked rocks, weeds and japanese beetle larvae. we moved our jasmine plant and a few herbs into the back.

we hope for a big jasmine bloom this next summer.

tabitha dug the red swiss chard and handed them to me.

i carefully loaded them into the wheelbarrow.

here is our first load and the dug up bed.

tabitha grabbed some dill too.

we put the dill against the wall since it will grow taller

tabitha densely packed the swiss chard.

here is the bed of toscano kale that we moved in to the greenhouse.

here it it all planted.

the open area on the left is direct seeded lettuce mix and arugula. we left a third of that flat area open for successive seedings. there will be rows of shelves will be filled above here with deep boxes of dirt for more successions of greens. we are really going to try to get a full season of greens in our diet.
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