Sunday, November 01, 2009

halloween thwarted = mumps

a person might think that diagnosing a simple childhood disease wouldn't require a CT scan. escalated to a fear of bone disease a huge dose of IV antibiotics were applied. ok, our doctor is great but tragically uninformed about any childhood disease of yesteryear. i spent friday night with tristan in the hospital. we are home now hunkering down for ensuing onslaught of the mumps for the rest of the kids. we won't be going to the hospital anymore for this...

i slept like the dead last night with a slight interruption to further medicate tristan. today i hope to catch up on farmstead duties. i still need to plant our ginkgo tree. that will require a bit more of work on that huge log sitting in our side-front yard.

the house is a wreck and sick people make it worse. tabitha will need some of my help getting a leg-up on it before the onslaught. we'll see if i can get anything else done.
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