Sunday, November 01, 2009

regular updates

tabitha, my lovely wife, has committed to blogging every day this month november. go over and visit her blog if you don't already read it.

today i mowed the yard the highest setting possible to chop and bag the leaves. i put the leaves on the northern most garden bed. it took about twenty mower loads to heavily cover the bed. since our chickens are on the loose in the evenings i had to further protect my efforts with plastic and flat cattle panels. the plastic was left over from the sweet potato bed and some other tarp scraps.

i also worked up a bunch of that huge log setting in the side-front yard. i am anxious to get my ginkgo planted. pablos is too enviable. i also had to sharpen my chainsaw. i cheat and use this it uses my dremmel tool. i wish i had a battery powered dremmel just for this purpose.

before i left the house i helped tabitha clean and sanitize the house. i scoured the bath tub. there were crayon marks that were near impossible to remove without serious elbow grease. we also teamed up on the kitchen floor. she scrubbed and wiped while i dried with a few diapers.

busy day..
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