Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new puppy (up dated)

astrid, it is too dark to get photos of her tonight. she looks like a little polar bear cub.

blogger has lost three of my long and thoughtful comments lately. i have to remember to copy the contents of my comment into RAM before i hit the submit button. i thought things were stable over there at blogger? i guess it might be my internet connection. it has been a bit buggy lately. by the time my comment is lost in the aether i have lost heart to try again. sorry folks..

photos of astrid will be put up first thing in the morning.

(as promised)

also we are going to kill, skin, quarter and freeze that bull calf tomorrow. i think i'll try to get that photo documented too.

big post tomorrow evening (fingers crossed)

btw henry seems to be getting better. he still tentative about astrid though
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