Friday, May 07, 2010

farmer McGregor

whenever our garden is looking really nice, we say "very farmer McGregor." and, i know that i will regret even thinking this..

our garden is looking very farmer McGregor

i brought a wheel barrow load of compost and top dressed the beets and onions.

this is where we had a row of tomatoes last year. notice the hillbilly weed suppression?

the tomatoes have taken well and seem to like their new home.

now they have changed their forecast to include low forty temps for the next two nights. it is the only job where you can be consistently wrong and still keep your job. where is the accountability?

at least these guys won't suffer too much with new low temps.

our ginko tree is very happy here.

tabitha harvested a large basket of strawberries. there will be shortcake tonight.

the black raspberries are loaded with developing fruit. the bees have been really working on their blossoms.

our friends came to visit and their oldest daughter painted us a sign.

Kittens, on the back i plan to paint campfire wood. i'll turn it around when/if we run out of kittens;)

tacos with shredded radishes for dinner.

the barn is looking really nice too.

i put in a place to hang the carcass for our next butcher.

our chicks are almost three weeks old

i built them a hanging feeder out of 1/2 of a 4" pvc pipe.

they seem very strong and healthy. all natural pastured poultry.
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