Wednesday, May 19, 2010

happy birthday

uh, forty six i think...

this is my present from the kids. isn't it great. i have either been ill or so busy that i can hardly think. my commitments are more than i can fulfill at the moment. our garden is so far behind that i am extremely anxious.
we just planted pumpkins. i hope they do well this year.

we still have to plant cucumbers, butternut squash, peppers and !@#$%^.

the tomatoes are in and finally mulched.

the tarps are an attempt to keep the impending rain from saturating our to-be-planted garden areas. it is our only hope for getting anything planted in the near future.

the beets, onions and potatoes are really looking good.

we'll probably get ruined by hail just because i said that..

it is really starting to look like a garden.

hello little tomato.

toly stole the camera and took this photo.

and this one..

kassi was crying because tristan pulled up her mullein plant.

he took this one too.

this is a shot while riding the hugantic swing

a side view

this shot is just before tristan tackled him for the camera.

the rocky path is looking like it has been there forever.

we also got new pigs. they always seem illusive whenever we have had a camera. i'll get some photos very soon.


Ron said...

Looking great over there. If it makes you feel any better, my pumpkins haven't done squat yet with all the rain we've had. :)

I did find one adult squash bug and ceremoniously stomped on it. Leaping and stomping, stomping and leaping. Evil things.


feebeeglee said...

Happy Birthday, Karl!

I'm in that picture of Tabitha et al. I'm on the phone :-)

Woody said...

Happy Birthday Karl...The shirt rocks!

I'm considering planting rice with all this damn rain. Everything will eventually find its way into the appropriate hole or furrow when it dries out. I get bent waiting to plant, thinking that I'm behind.


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Happy birthday karl! Everything looks great, as usual. LOVE the new barn and the sign. Made me laugh about the kittens- switching it with firewood on the other side.
I have not forgot you for a visit to the Pile O'Melays. My kids have Zoo camp in July and we are awaiting the new dates before scheduling my trip West. I promise to fill you in once I have the information in hand. 46, ay? Would have never guessed. :)

Renee said...

We are behind also...we have had way to much rain. Today is suppose to be dry hope to get everything planted. We have to mow our grass to mulch the strawberries...always something to do. I have to remind myself this is our forever house and we will always have something to get done:)

My daughters bought me a peach tree for Mothers Day I am very excited to get that planted:)

Happy Birthday!!!! I am sure your children will keep you young:)


Danielle said...

Happy, happy Belated Birthday! Toly seems to have an eye for photography! You are nurturing all them kids well. We are getting a piglet soonish, because we are rich in milk, I think it time. I miss my talks with Tabitha but Springtime takes so much from all of us.

Amanda J said...

Happy Birthday! Love following this blog and seeing what your family is up to, it all looks so awesome.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday! Nice shirt ;). It's Deus Ex Machina's b-day, too.

Katrien said...

You may be behind on the planting - and aren't we all? (I mean: me too) - but it's all looking like Farmer McGregor!
Happy birthday!

Ang. said...

Happy Birthday! Things are looking good around your place. The weather sure has made getting a garden in maddening! We finally got a few things in last weekend. There is still much to be planted. And of course it has rained all day here and probably the same tomorrow. Maybe by Sunday we can get back in the mudhole we call a garden! We are also far behind on butchering chickens. That will be priority this Saturday. I think some of the meaties could feed several families they are so big!

jenny said...

Happy Birthday! May you have many many more!

Everything looks great. We have had much rain as well and finally a sun shiney day here! I am so happy, we got so much done today, though hardly a dent in the ever-growing TO-DO List.

Toly looks like he could be a future photographer! Not bad for a little tyke!

Ed said...

I just loved it when I saw the pictures that my daughter took with our camera. Now I actually voluntarily let her have it though I generally keep her off of any pavement, gravel or hard surfaces in case it gets dropped.

David said...


the only thing that might make that shirt look a tiny bit better is a few hoof prints and a couple of paw prints. but very nicely done as it is.


karl said...

thank you everyone

Walter Jeffries said...

Behind?!? What do you mean!? Your garden looks great! Happy B-Day.

Beau said...

Happy Birthday! Love your shirt, and Toly's photo :) Best wishes for a wonderful year!

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