Saturday, May 22, 2010

new pigs

ginger and paprika

jack is feeling better.

ianto is still a little under the weather.

the tarps seem to have helped keep the drenching rain from my intended planting area. i shallow tilled it late yesterday to let the sun do a little more drying. we will try to plant three rows of trellised veggies in this area.


Ron said...

I love the pigs! They look great. Hampshire cross for the one, Duroc cross for the other?

We were at an auction today with tables covered in pig-related decor. Mel got a pig cookie jar. I had to have something too. Pigs are great!


Ang. said...

Sick puppies? What happened?

karl said...

ron, yes pigs are great! btw mine is ISTJ.

ang, they both got a cold or something. jack was a little worse than ianto. they are both fine now. thanks.


Ron said...

You and George Washington. :) That's so interesting to me. Mel is ISFJ, I believe, and it accounts for some real differences between us... I'm oblivious to a clock, while she couldn't be more punctual. :)


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