Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Japanese beetles have arrived

In only two days since we saw the first one. The devastation is profound. I set my trap and nothing happened. No beetles ventured toward my trap. This stuff is supposed to be crazy drawing beetles from far and wide. My bait was a last year purchase so we decided that we should but new bait. I believe my logic to be sound. My trap should work!

The new bait said it has the sex pheromone and the floral scent. It also said that most other baits only include the floral scent. Humm... I'll see in a few minutes if my new bait worked.

Yesterday we planted sweet potatoes. The cow promptly broke into that new area and destroyed most of them. All those starts that Tabitha has been nurturing, just a hand full left. Arrgh... We replanted them and are hopeful.

The garden drama has officially started.
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