Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Japanese beetles have arrived

In only two days since we saw the first one. The devastation is profound. I set my trap and nothing happened. No beetles ventured toward my trap. This stuff is supposed to be crazy drawing beetles from far and wide. My bait was a last year purchase so we decided that we should but new bait. I believe my logic to be sound. My trap should work!

The new bait said it has the sex pheromone and the floral scent. It also said that most other baits only include the floral scent. Humm... I'll see in a few minutes if my new bait worked.

Yesterday we planted sweet potatoes. The cow promptly broke into that new area and destroyed most of them. All those starts that Tabitha has been nurturing, just a hand full left. Arrgh... We replanted them and are hopeful.

The garden drama has officially started.


Jo said...

It's always that way -- just when the garden looks so lovely and you begin to envision a big bountiful harvest, the bugs/weather/animals/diseases strike and bring you back down to earth. Such is the life of a farmer. Best of luck with your beetle trap.

Christina said...

So hoping it works, CoCo sends a huge thank you(and so does Mommy) the soap got here 2 weeks ago and we LOVED it. Even made the bathroom smell wonderfull!

Representative said...

We get the big shiny green kind of beetles out here in AZ. They call them Japanese beetles. They may or may not be the same thing, but here's what we did.... we bought a quart of beer (the smell attracts them), about a cup of sugar (keeps their attention) and about a half cup or so of seven dust, and mixed them up in a gallon bucket.

I put a stick in the bucket just as a place for them to land and access the brew, and within a short time I had a gallon of dead beetles. Magic!

Sissy said...

Drama is correct. I'm disheartened finding green worms full of my brocolli and cabbage. Anyway to prevent this without poison, that you know of?

karl said...

Jo, ahh sometimes i wonder why we even garden. because we love it.

Christina, wow that took a long time. i'm glad you like it.

Rep, we haven't had to resort to sevin yet. If I were to leave a gallon of beer laying around they might find me in there the next day.

Sissy, I posted about BT on your blog. Bacillus Thuringiensis it is exactly the stuff you need

Beau said...

Same here this week... I'm hoping the chickens help keep them out of the garden area around the house. Wishful thinking. I found two years ago that if I put the trap too close to the garden area, I would attract a bunch more. Last year I put the trap about 100 yards away across the pond. It kept filling up every few days and I really think we had less around the house/garden. Good luck!

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