Thursday, June 03, 2010

A visit to the creek

Summer is in full swing. Sweltering temperatures always steer us to the cooler temperatures of the creek. It is the favorite spot for the season.

Rome has never been to the creek. He is fearless and surefooted.

That is good and bad since our local creek is a slippery place to walk. But, he is not scared to rush in deeper than is safe. I guess he is sure that Daddy will rescue him if any real trouble presents itself.

That is a scary expectation to live up to as a parent.

Toly is convinced that he drowned last year at the creek. I admit he did slip under for half a second and swallow some water. This year a life jacket is the only way he'll even get his toes wet. Revisionist history anyone? I try to explain that he did in fact not drown. If he were to have drowned he would not be here to enjoy the creek another day.

He loves the creek and talks about it constantly when separated from it.

He was very disappointed that we didn't go again today. We might go tomorrow.

Kassi has perfected the "creek crawl." It is the only safe method to quickly travel from one water slide to the next.

Kassi also caught some local fauna. Tabitha helped her get everything into containers so our new friends could be decanted into our stock tank for further study.

Tristan is an old-pro at creek activities.

This might be the year that learns to really swim. I always take each child into the deeper water and swim around with them riding my back. Rome liked doing that especially well. So much so, that he wouldn't stop until his teeth had been chattering for several minutes. Toly clung to me very tightly but enjoyed it none the less. Tristan and Kassi would never let go of my shoulders if I didn't force them to stop.

The creek is a wonderful way to cool down on these extremely hot days.


Megan said...

Some of my favorite memories involve going to visit my family in Southern Missouri and playing in the creeks. Good days!

Wendy said...

Sounds like an awesome way to escape the heat ;), and what a beautiful place!

Ed said...

I really miss the rocky creeks down your way. Up here, any creek is a muddy slimy mess and so polluted that it probably takes a minute off your life for every minute swum. Down in NW Arkansas, I have perfected the float and fish. I wear a life jacket like a diaper and float down the river fishing as I go.

jenny said...

The boys look good with their buzz cuts! Boys look so different when they get their first cut-- we just cut Peter's hair for the first time and I can't get over how different he looks! I bet they feel nice and cool. How that creek looks like so much fun! Nothing like that around here that we can swim in. Lots of rivers but mostly for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts.

Enjoy the weekend!

karl said...

Megan, The local creeks are amazing. We have to get our creek visits in before the dog-days arrive. This is when the creeks become stagnant and unhealthy to swim.

Wendy, Crystal clear water, gravel bottoms, steep rocky cliffs, yes they are beautiful.

Ed, That sounds like a great time. I'd like to see that. We have yet to purchase fishing poles. Very soon, very soon...

Jenny, I like a good buzz cut myself. This mass cutting was due to the great lice scare of 2010. Tabitha found a louse on Toly. Later we found out it was a pig louse. I still have trouble with Toly's short hair. His blond locks are so beautiful. This is a much cooler way to enter the hot summer.

Jon Christie said...

Wow congrats on your sustainability/farming/blogging/everything efforts. I am taken back and overwhelmed by all you have going on there. All We started this year was a small garden. More to come in the years to follow though!

Keep up the good work!

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