Tuesday, June 01, 2010

meet timmy

while cutting some brush for a dog thoroughfare i spotted a terrapin. kassi was flitting across the pallet wall that contains the pigs. her balance is amazing. i reached down in the thicket, picked him up and held him high. i got the look of amazement and glee from kassi.

it took him a while to get comfortable and come out of his shell.

we are on a strict homeschooling catch and release program. we observe any benign animal and release it back where we got it from. timmy as kassi named him needed a new home.

he wouldn't be safe where the dogs have access. i pity any animal that interlopes their domain.

in the gods must be crazy fashion everyone seemed to need timmy the turtle. i felt that timmy's life might be in jeopardy. his release was premature for everyone except timmy.

good bye timmy, may you have a long and happy life.
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