Saturday, July 31, 2010

On grass

There is something so thrilling putting the chickens onto the grass. At first they are timid and school around like fish. Then a brave chicken will tentatively investigate and perhaps chase a bug. Within a few hours they are all very comfortable running around stretching their wings.

Their brooder was so small. It makes my soul feel good watching them be chickens. Although they are confined, they are not suited to roam the fields free.

I didn't get my chicken tractor finished in time for them to go into it. Outside temperatures have been like a blow-furnace. I worked as much as I could. Alas, I couldn't get it done. We decided to divide the remaining birds among the four coops that I had prepared.

Here is one of Mikes tractors that I borrowed for this round of birds.

It is heavier than the ones that I make but have the benefit of bicycle cantilevered wheels. They employ a mechanical advantage and compensate for the added weight remarkably well. I like the "A" house shape.

The birds seem to really like it.

Astrid is happy to do her job and guard these little guys.

Jack and Ianto are almost as big as Astrid already. They will be substantially larger dogs in the end.

The pigs get a shower a few times per day.

They got all the off-fall from Mike and our corn processing. It will be mashed into rich beautiful soil within a few months. We love pigs.

We never did catch up on some of our garden after the visit to Michigan. Weeds just seemed to take over. We just fenced the sheep in that area. They should get things back into a more manageable state in short order.

This wagon really gets a workout around here. I used it to haul full feed barrels 350# each to distant areas of the farm. Here it is on trash duty.

The kids can load it heaping full with wood and bring it to the porch. Tristan pulling while Kassi and Toly pushing. One of the better farm investments I have made.

Speaking of investments, we we most graciously gifted a new dehydrator. The Dehydrator of dreams is now full of onions I am anxiously waiting to see how long they will take. I loaded four times as many onions in the thing. Very exciting, thank you thank you Annette. I can't wait to try dehydrated tomatoes, yum.

Rome had his second birthday.

He is such a smart boy. Being recently two he has been testing his boundaries. Oh that boy...
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